UltraFast Cloud Hosting

Fast, Scalable, & Fully Managed

Benefits of the Cloud + Simplicity of Shared Hosting & cPanel

Whether you are starting a small development project or need to host a high-traffic enterprise site, your best cloud hosting option is here.

  • 2X Faster
  • Infinitely Scalable
  • Integrated Caching
  • Automated Failover
  • Rocksolid Stability
  • Includes cPanel

High Performance

Experience incredible performance delivered by our Robust Cloud Hosting Infrastructure and Low Density servers that ensure high resource availability.

Easily Scalable

Upgrade your CPU and RAM on demand with a single click as your website traffic and complexity grows!

Intuitive Performance Dashboard

Monitor the performance of your hosting and make instant upgrades to ensure that your website always delivers the perfect experience to visitors.

Data Mirroring

Forget all your worries about data loss due to hardware failures - our Cloud Hosting is mirrored across 3 distinct devices on multiple drives and cabinets to ensure seamless transition in the event of any hardware issues.

Varnish Caching

Get Blazing Fast page loads with upto 1000x improvement through the use of smart caching by VARNISH.

Rocksolid Stability

Build your business on the ultra-reliable Cloud Hosting that sets the benchmark in stability with industry leading CEPH based storage systems.

Secure & Reliable

99.9% Uptime

24/7 Customer Support

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